Hero Roast #2


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The Hero Roast #2 is dedicated to Police Officer, Captain Eric Collins.

Hero Roast #2 is a Brazil and Sumatra blend, roasted dark with just the right amount of smoke.

Contains 12oz of premium coffee in an engraved coffee tin.



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When another local officer came to us and nominated Eric for this honor, we knew immediately that it just made sense.

Eric changed the lives of many people in an amazing way, including my own family. In the months since we decided that he was going to be our second “Hero”, I’ve had the opportunity to ask many people how they felt about him.  Not a single person had anything but amazing things to say.  Even asking people he had previously pulled over or arrested, they all had the same thing to say…. “He always treated us like we were human and he never once acted like he was better than us because he had a badge.” I quickly realized just how cherished this man was, and still is today.

Eric spent 23 years serving our community as a law enforcement officer.
In 2017, Eric was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Glioblastoma (brain cancer)  he fought hard for a year and a half but lost his battle in October of the following year.

Eric Collins is one of a kind,  and we are truly humbled to be able to honor him here at Cache Coffee.

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Captain Eric Collins

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