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Our take on the classic Colombian roast brings a unique, incredible cup of coffee, every time. Roasted & bagged locally right here in Paradise, Utah. Visit us today and give this Columbian blend a try!

  • Classic Columbian Roast, Made the right way
  • We customized our roasting process to ensure you taste the difference
  • Our medium roast brings out chocolate and cherry undertones & a cream body.
  • Try our delicious Columbian Roast today!

Step 1

The first step to our classic Columbian roast is to insert our unique blend of fresh, hand selected beans. The custom ratio we use enhances the flavor and aroma of our customer’s cup of coffee. We’ve made our roast it’s best with a perfect combination of time and temperature, bringing you the best cup of coffee there is.

Step 2

The second step to roasting Columbian is to heat the beans to the perfect temperature. The beans must be heated slowly and evenly to ensure that the beans are not scorched or burned. This process will give us a smooth medium roast.

Step 3

To ensure the beans are evenly roasted, it is essential to stir the beans continuously during the roasting process. This helps prevent any unroasted or scorched beans from collecting in the roaster. Additionally, stirring the beans will help keep them from sticking to the sides of the roasting chamber.

Step 4

The fourth step in this process is cooling the beans. After achieving the desired temperature, the beans are quickly air cooled while being constantly stirred to ensure even cooling. This helps preserve the flavor and aroma of the fresh-roasted beans. Once the beans have cooled to room temperature, they are ready for packaging.

Step 5

The final step of bagging up this locally roasted bag of coffee is to seal the coffee. This helps preserve the freshness of the coffee. The bag is then labeled with the roast level and the date it was roasted. Finally, the bag is packaged and sent to the store for our customers.

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