Who We Are

About Us

Cache Coffee And More is a cozy cafe in Logan, UT bringing the warm, aromatic delight of freshly ground coffee and the medicinal benefits of CBD together.

We are committed to your health and wellness and our newly opened coffee shop is a perfect marriage of the products we believe in, inviting customers to come in and order a cup while also browsing through our selection of pain-alleviating products.

What We Offer In The Coffee Shop

We sell 11 different CBD products, and we pride ourselves on great, Veteran-owned coffee, a friendly atmosphere. million dollar smiles, and a comfortable place to sit down and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. If you’ve ever walked through our doors, you know that we now consider you to be a part of our family.

Take a book, Leave a Book

We invite anyone in who may be looking for some books to read, or if you have a couple you want to donate.

We have a wall of patches that have been sent to us by different military, law enforcement, firefighter, from all over the United States, and even a couple from different countries that we proudly hang up and display. This has been extremely popular with anyone who visits from out of state.